Your most popular CBD products in the shop

Our promise for all-natural CBD products

Everything without additives

Our production processes mean that our products do not need to be treated in any way. All organic quality. No addition of terpenes necessary. Just pure nature and an incomparable taste and smell.

Patented process

Our processes are unique worldwide and patented worldwide. Through smart technology we can guarantee that our products really contain ALL the active ingredients of the plant.

Laboratory tested quality

All our products are tested by independent laboratories before bottling. Free of any pollutants, rich in plant-own active ingredients and absolutely safe to use for humans and animals.

What is CBD?

CBD - one of the valuable active ingredients in the plant

There are many active substances contained in the plant, but one arouses particular interest among researchers, doctors and users. Namely CBD (cannabidiol). This active ingredient does not make you high. It is now used in many products because large parts of the research community believe it has a calming and antispasmodic effect on the human psyche and body.

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Pure full spectrum oil

All beneficial ingredients included. Entourage effect.

Real aroma.

Only the real aroma with its fresh notes.

Reachable at any time

If you have any questions, please call or write to us at any time.

Why do our customers love CBD?

Due to its diverse areas of application, users are offered many possibilities. What do you feel with CBD? Several answers or areas of application are possible here.


Against stress

Nervousness and overload


Against insomnia

For deep, restful sleep


Against acne

To relieve the symptoms of acne and neurodermatitis


Against inflammations

For the relief of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis


Against addictive diseases

For the treatment of addictive disorders


Against overweight

To combat obesity


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CBD Products at Lucky Hemp® Onlineshop

CBD products are popular - and Lucky Hemp is your #1 retailer and online shop where you can buy high quality CBD products! Whether you are looking for CBD oil, CBD flowers, CBD aroma oils or CBD oil for animals: we promise you that our CBD products are incomparable and that you will only find products that have been tested, certified and produced in organic quality by ourselves. With our assortment, we offer you a large selection of different CBD products that are optimally coordinated with each other. Through elaborate and long-term product development, only selected CBD oils and flower varieties are included in our assortment, so that we always have the best offer for our satisfied customers. With Lucky Hemp® you equip yourself in your everyday life with the CBD products that best fit your personal lifestyle and support you.

Lucky Hemp®: your shop with over 100 CBD products

CBD belongs in your everyday life. Hemp products are more in demand than ever and that's a good thing. The cannabidiol (CBD) contained in the hemp plant is not psychoactive, but is known for its positive effects, which have been proven by many studies. With our pure CBD weed, CBD oils and CBD products for animals in various flavours, varieties, sizes and sets, we offer you the products you can really use in your everyday life. We are not a fan of useless application products such as sprays, gels, gummies or pens, which contain far too little CBD in the price/performance ratio and are therefore almost ineffective. Lucky Hemp, on the other hand, is your partner for high-quality and untreated CBD products directly from the cannabis plant - either as concentrated oil or as pure flower.

More than just CBD - the benefits of CBD products from Lucky Hemp

CBD can be wonderfully integrated into one's lifestyle to promote positive effects on the body and thus health. Over 70% of CBD customers surveyed take cannabis products to counteract stress in everyday life. An equally popular reason is sleep problems. For this, over 50% of customers use CBD to improve their sleep. Many CBD studies are increasingly proving the successful medical use of cannabidiol. Through CBD oil and CBD weed, cannabidiol enters the body quickly and effectively to be absorbed in the best possible way. By vaporizing our all-natural CBD flowers, the ingredients can be brought to an optimal temperature for inhalation. Our CBD oils are taken orally via the oral cavity and the mucous membranes, through which the CBD is optimally absorbed. Our products are regularly analysed and certified by accredited laboratories to ensure and prove maximum quality.

Who are CBD products suitable for and which CBD product is right for me?

CBD products are suitable for most people, especially those suffering from pain, sleep problems or stress. Cannabidiol can help with this due to its balancing properties and serves as a support in the busy moments of everyday life. It is not suitable to vaporise CBD flowers during pregnancy, for example. In addition, it can never be guaranteed that the herbal ingredients can trigger reactions in allergy sufferers. Whether CBD buds or CBD oil is most suitable depends on personal needs and circumstances. That's why Lucky Hemp's range is so diverse and offers the optimal choice for each individual - in intake, CBD concentration and taste. For customers who don't like the taste of cannabis, for example, our CBD aroma oils are the perfect solution for getting used to cannabidiol and getting the body used to the right CBD dosage. If you are unsure, we at Lucky Hemp naturally offer our CBD experts in customer service, who are there to help with all questions and issues with 100% passion and the best knowledge.