10% CBD Oil Full Spectrum Oils Lucky Hemp
10% CBD Oil Full Spectrum Oils Lucky Hemp
10% CBD Oil Full Spectrum Oils Lucky Hemp
10% CBD Oil Full Spectrum Oils Lucky Hemp
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10% CBD oil full spectrum

  • Unique procedure worldwide
  • Contain at least 1000mg CBD
  • Full spectrum of plant substances
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10% CBD oil full spectrum Lucky Hemp Terpene profile (notes)
A unique combination of all the active ingredients of the flower

Our oils are produced particularly gently, they are a pure natural product and unique in their composition. Only we offer oils of this exceptional quality. We actually contain the full spectrum as well as all aromas.

Terpene profile (notes)
10% CBD oil full spectrum Lucky Hemp Ingredients
A composition unique in the world

The full spectrum of the blossom is bottled in each individual bottle. Only the best blossoms are used, which release all the natural active ingredients into the oil in a gentle process. This creates a truly natural full-spectrum oil.

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Not just any CBD oil. The real full spectrum oil.

10% CBD oil full spectrum Lucky Hemp Not just any CBD oil. The real full spectrum oil.
  • Patented extraction, extra gentle
  • 100% of all active ingredients contained
  • Residue-free
  • All natural terpenes contain
  • Exclusively flowers used
  • Sustainable bamboo and borosilicate glass
  • Alcohol or CO2 extraction
  • Loss of active substances due to the above
  • Residues of e.g. ethanol
  • Bitter or without taste
  • Inferior plant parts
  • Plastic and amber glass

What makes our oils so special

Lucky Hemp EU Everything without additives
Everything without additives

Our production processes mean that our products do not need to be subsequently mixed. Everything is in the best organic quality. No addition of terpenes necessary. Just pure nature and an incomparable aroma.

Lucky Hemp EU Patented process
Patented process

Our processes are unique worldwide. Through smart technology, we can guarantee that our products really contain ALL the ingredients of the plant.

Lucky Hemp EU Laboratory-tested quality
Laboratory-tested quality

All our products are tested by independent laboratories before bottling. Free from any harmful substances, rich in plant-derived ingredients and absolutely sustainable.

Frequently asked questions

Does the 10% CBD oil full spectrum suit me?
Our 10% CBD Full Spectrum Oil is the perfect all-rounder and suits all users. Whether experienced or novice: you can't go wrong with the 10%.
How often should I use CBD oil per day?
You can theoretically use our CBD oil as often as you like. However, it is recommended to start with a few drops to find the right amount for you. Sometimes it can take a few days before you feel the effect of the oil. Since it is a natural product and everyone is individual, it also needs time to unfold its effect.
Why should I buy Lucky Hemp oils?
We have the real full spectrum oil. What does that mean? We only use high quality blossoms for our oils. They are practically liquid blossoms in a bottle. So all the substances we want and need. Other manufacturers use cheap organic mass or simply add CBD. Therefore, our oils are definitely worth a try.
Which oil should I buy? I am not sure how much CBD I need.
Most people don't know that at first. So don't worry, everyone has to find the right amount of CBD for their individual needs first. For starters, we would recommend one of our tasting sets, where you can try out different oils and find your favourites.
Your bottles look different from those of all other manufacturers, why is that?
For us at Lucky Hemp®, nature is not just a buzz word. That's why you'll find full nature not only in the bottles, but also in the packaging itself. All our bottles have a bamboo lid, which is the fastest growing raw material in the world, and are made of borosilicate glass, which is used in laboratories. We don't use labels, but print directly on the glass and thus try to save as many resources as possible.
Questions still open?

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CBD Oil 10% - Restore your balance with just a few drops

Here we have another special CBD product for you. Our CBD oil 10% is just right for first-time users. The CBD content of 10% makes it easy to find the dosage you need to restore your balance. You can rely on the natural power of the hemp flower. Our oils are made from organic hemp. We also use a patented process that ensures all the ingredients in the flower go straight into the bottle. No impurities from manufacturing, no additives. The pure plant in 10 ml CBD oil. Get your Lucky Hemp Experience with our 10% CBD oil!

Our full spectrum CBD oil 10% - What effect can it have?

The naturalness of our CBD oil 10% is very important to us. That's why we only use the best leaves to be able to offer you a special full-spectrum CBD oil. But what does "full spectrum CBD oil" mean? It means that our 10% CBD oil contains the entire natural plant spectrum of minerals, vitamins and other important substances. Therefore, no terpenes are added. This means that both the taste and the effect remain pure and natural. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a component of all hemp varieties that exerts many extraordinary effects on our bodies. This active ingredient is currently enjoying great popularity, as many negative effects, such as intoxication, dependence and the psychoactive effect of cannabis are eliminated. However, the positive aspects, i.e. physical and mental relaxation, pain relief and calming, remain. This makes CBD oil 10 % a special aid for finding your inner centre again in stressful everyday life.

But how do our CBD oils restore this balance? The body has various complex systems, including the endocannabiniod system. Simply put, it fulfils two different functions. On the one hand, it has an influence on our energy, well-being and also on the pleasure we feel. On the other hand, it takes care of the physical and mental balance in humans. The endocannabinoid system is also connected to the immune system and the endorphin system. That is why it is so important. As soon as there is a disturbance there, the other systems are automatically affected. Malaise and insomnia are the rather minor effects. This imbalance can trigger severe physical effects. This is exactly where our CBD oils come in. The CBD oil 10%, when taken regularly, will improve well-being, relax muscles, restore physical and mental balance. Thanks to our handy design, the vial is always with you, always at hand.

Hemp oils, CBD oils - Different names for the same product?

There is currently a risk of confusion between hemp oil and CBD oil. This is due to the abundance and variety of CBD products currently offered on the internet. In short, hemp oil is not a product with CBD content. It is made from hemp seeds, which is why many suppliers have started to market it as hemp seed oil and counteract this confusion. Hemp seed oil contains many important minerals, especially the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid content makes it a very special oil. However, it does not contain CBD and THC. Thanks to its composition, it is a health food, an interesting cosmetic product and, especially for vegans, an important source of omega-3, which is otherwise only found in fish. But even without CBD and THC, it is interesting for some people in combination with our CBD oils. It is a perfect carrier oil and expands the possibilities of using our CBD oil 10%.

How can our CBD oil 10% enrich your life?

Our environment is often characterised by movement, stress and hectic. This is normal in many places nowadays, but it has a negative effect on our body. Our CBD oil 10% improves your recovery time and helps you to cope with the stressful day. Stress has many negative effects on your health. Especially cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal problems are caused by it. Your inner balance is disturbed and you cannot get a good night's sleep. This in turn increases the effect of stress. This spiral is interrupted by our CBD oil 10%. You relax, think more clearly and more concentrated. Your thoughts don't always revolve around the same things and you fall asleep faster. It is an aid. Mental stability in everyday life thanks to a handy bottle of cannabis oil with 10% CBD content.

However, there are also numerous other possible uses for our 10 % CBD oil. Athletes in particular need to be concentrated and focused during their exercises and preparations. The proper and quick recovery of the body is crucial. The muscle-relaxing effect of CBD can help them with this. There are also many areas in the medical field where taking CBD oil 10% can provide relief. Some pain patients or even epileptics swear by the effect. It has been proven that CBD has helpful effects. It is antispasmodic and also calms stress and anxiety disorders. However, we would like to emphasise that our CBD oil 10% is not a medicine! It is our answer to the hectic times we live in. Our premium product that enables your body to recharge its batteries and gain energy for everyday life.

What do I have to bear in mind when taking our 10% CBD oil?

We offer you a full-spectrum CBD oil made from organic hemp, TÜV-tested, free of pesticides and heavy metals. Both the quality and important values such as THC content are regularly checked. Nevertheless, CBD can cause side effects, both with too high a dosage and with pre-existing conditions. We want to inform you about this.

Our CBD oil 10% is generally well tolerated, as it is a pure natural product. It is designed to be taken regularly and needs some time to develop its effect. Therefore, one should be patient when using it and not increase the dose immediately. The form of administration is via drops. Now there are 10 ml in a bottle of CBD oil. It is impossible to say in general how many drops you need. It depends on the effect you expect. Start with a small dose and only increase the amount of CBD oil 10% after some time. The dosage for pain is particularly difficult to determine. However, since there is only CBD 10% concentration in the oil, there is more room for trial and error, especially for first-time users.

However, there are some groups of people who should refrain from using CBD oil even with 10% CBD content. People with liver dysfunction or low blood pressure should definitely discuss the use with their doctor. In very rare cases, interactions with other medications may occur. Allergic reactions cannot be ruled out either. We also advise pregnant women and nursing mothers not to use our CBD oil 10%. Even though it is only a pure CBD cannabis oil with 10% CBD content, the brain of an embryo or infant is still developing and should therefore not be influenced unnecessarily.


Which CBD oil is right for me?

We have different oils on offer. Whether CBD oil with 10% or also with 30%, there is something for every customer. However, for first-time users, we recommend a vial with a low percentage, as the CBD oil with 10 percent makes it easier to dose. You don't know how many drops your body needs to regain its balance. Therefore, taking CBD oil 10% is best for the beginning. Once you have found the right dose, you can always increase from our CBD oil 10% to 15 or more percentages.

Be part of the Lucky Hemp Family - Buy CBD Oil 10% now | Lucky Hemp® CBD Oil is right for me?

You want a unique and pure CBD product? Then get CBD oil 10% now! Our patented process gives you the security of being able to absorb the full spectrum of the organic hemp flower. We produce the CBD oil 10% without the use of alcohol, CO2 or other substances. Your bottle made of borosilicate glass only contains active ingredients that you also find in the natural flower. This makes taking the product a special experience. We offer you absolute transparency and inform you about all aspects of CBD on our blog. We also offer you security. If you don't like our CBD oil 10%, you can return it free of charge and get your money back. You get all this from us with your bottle of CBD oil 10%. Be part of the Lucky Hemp Family, let us inspire you!