Moon Rocks 60% CBD flowers Lucky Hemp
Moon Rocks 60% CBD flowers Lucky Hemp
Moon Rocks 60% CBD flowers Lucky Hemp

Moon Rocks 60% CBD

  • Up to over 60% CBD
  • Best resins & flowers
  • For connoisseurs and those who like to experiment
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Moon Rocks 60% CBD Lucky Hemp Terpene profile (notes)
What are CBD Moonrocks?

CBD Moonrocks combine hemp flower, resin and pollen from the hemp plant to naturally achieve a very high CBD content of between 50-60% in the end product. For the production of our Moonrocks, we use a certified commercial hemp flower as the base flower. This is rolled in the sticky CBD resin of the hemp plant and then breaded with CBD pollen.

Moon Rocks 60% CBD Lucky Hemp Ingredients
Lucky Hemp® Moonrocks

Our Moonrocks are a real powerhouse. For those looking for a product with a very high CBD content the natural way, we have combined flowers, resin and pollen to give you a natural power product of the highest quality. Just chop it up with your fingers or a knife and board and you're ready to go.

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Truly sustainable, plastic-free and beautiful

Moon Rocks 60% CBD Lucky Hemp Truly sustainable, plastic-free and beautiful
  • Patented extraction
  • 100% of all ingredients contained
  • Without artificial terpenes
  • Sustainable bamboo and borosilicate glass
  • Aggressive alcohol or CO2 extraction
  • Loss of ingredients due to treatment
  • Addition of artificial terpenes
  • Plastic or glass packaging

What makes our flowers so special

Lucky Hemp EU Unique procedure
Unique procedure

Our unique production processes mean that the flowers do not need to be treated as much. No extraction process with ethanol or CO2. No addition of artificial terpenes necessary. Just pure nature!

Lucky Hemp EU The Lucky Hemp® Originals
The Lucky Hemp® Originals

We have the real canna strains. Not bad CBD copies. The originals from the USA and Europe now available in Germany as CBD flower. Only at Lucky Hemp.

Lucky Hemp EU Laboratory-tested quality
Laboratory-tested quality

All our flowers have been previously tested in independent laboratories. Free of any harmful substances and all values below 0.2%. Absolutely pure and safe.

Frequently asked questions

What are moonrocks anyway?

Moonrocks are small CBD flowers that are first rolled in CBD resin and then coated with CBD pollen.

How do you get up to 60% CBD?

Both the CBD resin and the CBD pollen have a very high CBD content by nature. If you combine flower, resin and pollen, you get up to 60% CBD.

Are these CBD flowers at all?

The starting product of Moonrocks is CBD flowers. A large part of the product is the resin and pollen.

How do I get the moonrocks small?


The moonrocks have a medium-hard consistency. You can either crush them with your fingers or with a board and knife.

How do you get the moonrocks to look so beautiful?

Our moonrocks are completely handmade and only the best are shipped.

Questions still open?

Still undecided?

Buy CBD Moon Rocks - advantages and use

There are many forms of CBD products that users hope will bring more serenity to everyday life. Their high CBD content makes Moon Rocks a particularly effective choice. They combine different components of the hemp plant, which can be consumed together thanks to their handmade production. For experienced consumers, this means a particularly intense taste experience. What distinguishes CBD Moon Rocks by Lucky Hemp and how they are used is explained here!

What are Moon Rocks?

CBD Moon Rocks are a cannabidiol concentrate that contains different components of the hemp plant. For the production of a CBD Moonrock, only hand-harvested flowers are used that have undergone a fermentation process lasting several weeks. In this way, it is ensured that the starting basis of the CBD Moon Rocks can meet high quality standards even before production. The aim is to allow users to enjoy these components of the hemp plant with a very low THC content. In this way, a safe use of the coated flowers becomes possible. To make this particularly safe, our Moon Rocks are laboratory tested and all the ingredients they contain can be easily traced.

The blossoms are first dipped in the cannabis-derived oil. By rolling them in CBD pollen or pine, the Moon Rocks get their later structure. This requires real manual labour to ensure an even structure of the stones. This production ensures that a high-quality product with a particularly high CBD content is created. Since all undesirable substances and possible impurities are filtered out, a particularly pure product is created. Finally, the Moon Rocks are covered with a fine layer of pollinate, which gives them their special appearance. This is also the reason for the name Moon Rocks. According to other theories, the name comes from the fact that they have a particularly high concentration of CBD, which surpasses other products to an astronomical extent. It is important to distinguish them from so-called Ice Rocks, which are also appreciated by experienced users. In Ice Rocks, the CBD flowers are covered with crystals, the so-called isolate. This gives the finished product a white shimmering surface that is clearly distinguishable from the green Moon Rocks. This way, their CBD content is even slightly higher and they are also considered more intense in taste. Moon Rocks, meanwhile, have the advantage of a natural flavour despite the similarly high concentration of CBD on their side.

Where Moonrock Weed originally comes from is not conclusively clear. According to several sources, the small stones were developed in a clinic in California. They became more popular much later with the rapper Kurupt, who later became involved in the distribution of the product himself. Since then, the Moonrock has also become much better known in this country. Nevertheless, there is an important difference to the Moon Rocks commonly used on the west coast of the USA: there, the legislator also allows a THC content of more than 0.2 percent. In Germany, this is kept lower with the help of precise procedures. The soothing and relaxing effect that many users of Moon Rocks describe is instead due to the CBD contained in them. More and more people are also considering the active ingredient for the relief of chronic pain. Current clinical studies are dedicated to this topic and should clearly define the medical benefits of CBD in the coming years.

Ingredients and aroma

Besides CBD flowers, Moon Rocks also contain resin and pollen. This combination gives them a particularly powerful effect. In the classic sense, however, a moon rock does not have an intoxicating effect. Of course, the THC content is always below 0.2 percent. Users are much more interested in the CBD it contains, which is said to have a relaxing effect and can be used against sleep disorders, for example. Due to the high-quality production, the CBD content of the final product is between 50 and 60 percent. In this way, Moon Rocks are suitable for a particularly concentrated intake of CBD. At the same time, the CBD Moon Rocks effect should not be underestimated, which is why we recommend the product to our experienced customers.

Those who appreciate the effect of conventional CBD flowers, but are looking for a particularly intense aroma, will find the right offer in CBD Moon Rocks. They are characterised by a particularly intense flavour that reminds many users of cannabis. The notes of wood and pepper are particularly strong and can be clearly perceived.

Who are CBD Moon Rocks suitable for?

Moon Rocks are a product for all those who have already gained some experience with other CBD products. For beginners, however, they are unsuitable due to their high dosage. Although only small residues of THC are contained, the high concentration of CBD ensures a strong effect. Previous experience with CBD and knowledge of the effect on one's own body are therefore the central prerequisites for venturing into Moon Rocks. The high concentration achieved by the combination of CBD flowers, pollen and pine also makes the dosage difficult for users who only want to ingest small amounts. Moon Rocks CBD use therefore requires some experience, which can be gained with other products. Those who have not had any contact with CBD products and have come across Moon Rocks by chance should first focus on other forms of application. For example, CBD oils that are available in significantly lower dosages are suitable for this.

The advantages of Moon Rocks

The fact that CBD Moon Rocks are currently in great demand has to do with their special effect. CBD flowers and pollen can be consumed in combination to achieve a particularly strong effect. This also has financial advantages for consumers. The high CBD concentration is known for a particularly good price-performance ratio. More high-quality CBD is contained in each gram of the product. Thus, a smaller total amount is sufficient to achieve the same effect. If the effect that a CBD Moonrock can have is to be achieved with the help of a highly concentrated CBD oil, considerably more money would have to be spent. However, the Moonrock brings with it the challenge of the right dosage. The high dosage makes it difficult, especially for beginners, to estimate the amount of CBD contained. For use in smaller quantities, the CBD Moonrock is carefully crushed with the help of a knife or scissors. This crushing can be done several times until the size corresponds to one's own goal of use.

Buy CBD Moon Rocks at Lucky Hemp

In the shop of Lucky Hemp we offer Moon Rocks with a CBD content of up to 60 percent. Besides the high quality of the products we offer, we put a lot of emphasis on making the purchase as convenient as possible. Our customers receive free shipping from an order value of 69 €. Each consignment also arrives at home with a neutral sender and in neutral packaging. This means that no conclusions can be drawn about the contents of the package. Those who want to order CBD Moon Rocks also receive a money-back guarantee if the product does not meet their expectations. In this case, returning the product free of charge is no problem.