CBD for animals

Our CBD oils for animals are specially developed for four-legged friends. With the best bacon and salmon flavours, they are a welcome product that our pets will love. Absolute product safety through the testing of TÜV-Süd, the oils with 3% CBD are perfect ...to be able to use them specifically with man's best friend.
certified CBD oil for animals

CBD oil for animals - natural active ingredients for your furry nose

Our pets have long since ceased to be farm animals. They are much more members of the family, who enrich daily life tremendously and simply belong. As a pet owner, you naturally want your four-legged friend to be well. Just like with us humans, there are many things that can affect our pets - mentally and physically. CBD oil for animals can have a positive effect here and help your four-legged friend with various complaints. Only the best for your pets - and that's what you get at Lucky Hemp®. We use the cream of the hemp plant and produce high-quality CBD oils for animals, which you can only buy from us.

Our oils are produced under the highest quality standards and, due to their delicious aromas, have a high level of acceptance even with fussy animals. CBD can increase the general well-being and be a natural support for various complaints.

CBD oil: Cannabinoids can be valuable for animals and humans

If you are interested in CBD oil for your pet, you may have come into contact with CBD yourself. If not, we have a little crash course for you:

The abbreviation CBD stands for cannabidiol, a substance on the cannabis plant. When it comes to cannabis, many people first think of illegal substances, but this is not the case, because: There are various cannabinoids in the hemp plant, including CBD and THC. The substance that is known to cause a high is THC. CBD, on the other hand, does not cause a high feeling and is therefore legal in Germany. But what does this have to do with your cat?

Many people use CBD for physical and psychological ailments. Some use it for pain, stress or insomnia. And CBD can also have positive effects on the general well-being of animals. The exact effects have not yet been fully researched, but CBD oil for animals is becoming increasingly popular due to the positive effects of its use.

Advantages of CBD oil for your animals

As with humans, CBD oil does not provide a state of intoxication in animals because it does not contain THC. Instead, CBD oil for animals naturally contains many valuable nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This alone is a benefit of hemp oil for your four-legged friend.

Your pet's body has an endocannabinoid system through which the cannabinoids contained in CBD oil for animals can activate certain receptors in the nerve cells and in the context of the immune system. The receptors are located almost all over the body, which could explain the high spectrum of effects of CBD for animals.

CBD oil for animals: Effect for well-being and animal health

As a pet owner, the health of your four-legged friend is incredibly important to you. He accompanies you through everyday life, is always available for a cuddle and simply takes you as you are. It is only a logical consequence that we humans want to give something back to our animals and do everything for their health. CBD oil for animals can be used for many ailments.

One of the popular aspects of CBD for animals is its anxiety-relieving effect. Some animals are stressed in many everyday situations, such as when they are alone or have to ride in the car for a long time. New Year's Eve and Christmas also bring a lot of hustle and bustle and can cause nervousness in the four-legged friends. CBD has a stress- and anxiety-relieving effect and can therefore be used as a support.

In addition, many people have noticed positive results in animals with pain - CBD can also have a pain-relieving effect in humans. Furthermore, CBD can be a positive supplement for animals with the following complaints:

  • It can be supportive in the treatment of epileptic disorders,
  • be used for digestive problems and loss of appetite,
  • promote neurological functions naturally,
  • promote healthy wound healing,
  • support the immune system and
  • increase well-being in the case of age-related complaints.

There is now a lot of experience about CBD oil for animals. With our oil you can help your animal in everyday or special situations.

certified CBD oil for animals

Natural, pure and simply good - CBD oil for animals by Lucky Hemp®.

We know: There are more and more suppliers selling CBD oil for animals. But we also know: not every oil offers the same quality. At Lucky Hemp®, however, we pay attention to the best quality from the selection of the raw materials to the production and packaging. Thanks to our innovative production processes, we can process the best substances from the hemp flower - without any artificial additives, terpenes or the like. Instead, you get pure CBD in premium quality with CBD oil for your pet.

The CBD content is specially adapted to pets and is 3% - optimal for your four-legged friend. We have added delicious flavours so that your furry friend will enjoy the CBD oil: The CBD oil with salmon flavour is perfect for cats, while the bacon flavour is simply irresistible for dogs.

Only the best CBD oil for your pet

We want your pet to feel great all round. Our CBD oil for animals can contribute to the general well-being of your four-legged friend. This has even been investigated in studies - with positive results. You can adjust the dosage of CBD depending on the size of your pet and previous experience with the oil. If your pet has not been in contact with CBD before, start with a low dosage. After some time, you can increase the dosage as desired.

The CBD oil for animals is easy to use thanks to our beautiful and practical borosilicate glass packaging: It has an integrated pipette through which you can squeeze out the desired number of drops. The drops are easy to dose even in the morning when your pet is half-asleep and can either be drizzled on the pet's food or directly into the muzzle. Basically, it is good for the effect of CBD oil for animals if the active ingredients come into contact with the mucous membranes, because these can absorb the CBD particularly well and quickly and pass it on into the bloodstream.

CBD drops for animals - are there side effects?

Many therapeutic measures promise great things, but also come with a handful of side effects. We have optimally adapted the CBD oil for animals to pets in terms of CBD content, so that your pelt nose can benefit from CBD in the best way. Basically, CBD for animals and also for humans is considered a food supplement, it is not declared as a medical product. This shows that our oil is safe for your pet when used and dosed correctly. Side effects are only very rarely observed. So you can give CBD oil to your pet without hesitation.

And of course you don't have to expect any consequences for your animal, neither when buying nor when using CBD oil, because our products fall below the maximum value of THC prescribed by the legislator and are 100% legal.

Buy CBD oil for animals and discover effects

No matter whether a cat or a dog has conquered your heart - with us you will find the right CBD oil for both. The aroma oils with salmon and bacon flavour are excellently accepted by most animals, so that they can usually simply be given directly into the snout. What dog doesn't like the intense taste of bacon in its snout? And which cat doesn't lick its nose at the smell of delicious salmon? Of course, as a natural product, CBD works a little differently for each person and each animal. If you want to promote the healthy well-being of your four-legged friend, CBD can be a valuable support. You can dose the drops according to your needs and, unlike capsules, they disappear in no time.

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