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Salmon CBD oil Lucky Hemp Terpene profile (notes)
CBD for pets in the test

CBD oil for animals has been shown in some studies to be helpful for a variety of ailments. The studies discuss the following effects in animals: - Stress-reducing - Anti-inflammatory - Pain-relieving - Anxiety-relieving - Reduction of nausea. The studies of the Colorado University and Cornell University showed quite positive results.

Terpene profile (notes)
Salmon CBD oil Lucky Hemp Ingredients

Cornell University has studied the safety of CBD in dogs and dosed them with 2 mg of CBD oil per kilogram of body weight twice a day. In any case, this study showed that the animals' pain could be alleviated and their activity increased. The researchers, on the other hand, could not detect any short-term negative side effects. According to the researchers in this study, CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect.


What makes our oils so special

Lucky Hemp EU Especially for animals
Especially for animals

Specially developed for animals. With 3 % CBD, you will find exactly the right dose for your favourite four-legged friend. Suitable for skin and coat care. With delicious bacon aroma, it is a pleasant experience for man's best friend.

Lucky Hemp EU Laboratory-tested quality
Laboratory-tested quality

All our oils have been tested in the laboratory beforehand. Free of any harmful substances and all according to the specified EU guidelines for safe use.

Lucky Hemp EU Sustainably produced
Sustainably produced

Not only our ingredients meet the highest standards. We also try to produce our packaging as naturally and sustainably as possible. Whether borosilicate glass, bamboo or paper and cardboard packaging.

Frequently asked questions

Can CBD oil help my pet?
Various studies have shown that CBD oil can be helpful for animals with various ailments. The studies show the following effects in animals: - Stress-reducing - Anti-inflammatory - Pain-relieving - Anxiety-relieving - Reduction of nausea. The studies of the Colorado University and Cornell University showed quite positive results on the subject of CBD in animals.
How do I dose the oils? Do I have to pay attention to anything?
Cornell University studied the safety of CBD in dogs and dosed them with 2 mg of CBD oil per kilogram of body weight twice a day. The study also showed that the animals' pain could be alleviated and their activity increased. The researchers did not find any short-term negative side effects.
Why should I buy your oils for my pet?
With our oils, we place the highest value on the quality of the content as well as the packaging. Each of our Lucky Hemp oils is unique and cannot be found in this quality at any other manufacturer. In addition, our products have a unique design and are produced as environmentally friendly as possible.
Questions still open?

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CBD oil for cats - Our salmon oil with 3 % CBD content.

It is not a new invention to use the positive properties of cannabinoids for oneself and others. Hemp was already used as a medicinal plant in ancient times. Currently, there are many investigations and studies on the use of hemp and CBD in humans. Amazing discoveries are being confirmed. But what about our pets? Can our natural CBD oil for cats achieve similar effects? Yes, it does! That's why we at Lucky Hemp® have developed a CBD oil just for your cat. The oil with 3% CBD content and delicious salmon flavour can be a positive support for your cat's mental and physical health in various situations. But how does CBD oil for cats work? Are there differences between cat breeds? How do I dose the hemp seed oil correctly and how is it administered?


CBD oil for your cat - effect and areas of application

But why do you take CBD oil for animals? Does CBD have the same effect in cats as in humans or are there differences? Admittedly, there is the problem that cats find it more difficult to communicate the effect than humans. However, there are enough observations that they are more agile and relaxed after taking CBD oil for cats, depending on the complaint. The eating behaviour normalises, anxiety states occur less frequently. Improvements can therefore occur, but these can only be assessed subjectively as a cat owner. Therefore, it is important to observe your pet closely whether and when the desired changes occur when taking hemp oil.

CBD oil for cats is therefore intended to improve the well-being of your pet and to reduce problematic situations, such as New Year's Eve or similar, as well as health-related signs of ageing. However, CBD oils are not medicines and can interact with them. If you are unsure, first discuss the use of CBD oil for cats with your trusted vet. He or she will be able to tell you whether the symptoms you want to treat can be reduced in this way. Also, before using hemp oil, make sure that your pet is in a healthy environment. An unhealthy environment will not become more tolerable for the cat, even with CBD. If you are wondering how to create the perfect stress-free environment for your stray, talk to your vet about it or visit a specialist shop.

And what conditions can CBD oil for cats help with? Experience has shown that

  • Mobility problems, e.g. caused by pain,
  • Appetite changes, e.g. caused by digestive problems,
  • stress, e.g. caused by thunderstorms, fireworks or the vet, as well as
  • a weak immune system

can be treated with hemp oil. Traumatised cats from animal shelters can also become calmer with hemp oil for cats. The important thing is to find the right dose.


Buy CBD oil for your cat at Lucky Hemp®.

If you want to do something good for your cat, relieve stress or pain in certain situations and some illnesses, then our CBD oil for cats is just right for you! It is safe, terpene-free, has a negligible THC content of 0.01% and is regularly tested by independent laboratories. It is also a healthy food supplement with the rich and important omega-3 fatty acids and is irresistible with the salmon oil it contains. Our CBD oil for cats, like all our CBD oils, is made using our patented process, which means the full power of the hemp flower gets into your bottle. No additives, no alcohol, sustainably produced. We also offer you an absolute premium product for your favourite pet.

Therefore, order the unique CBD oil for cats now, special quality, lovingly packaged and filled in practical and handy vials. Easy to store, easy to dose, easy to use. Use the full power of the hemp plant and strengthen your cat's body and mind to help it regain the balance it deserves.


CBD Oil for Cats - Natural CBD for your pet.

Cats have a very unique temperament. There are big differences, depending on their character and breed. But what you can't say about them is that they are dependent - especially when you compare them to other animal species like dogs. Cats are divas, independent, explore and conquer their territory. They roam around, have their favourite places in flats and houses, demand "cuddle time" and food. They simply have their own way of showing affection. It is all the worse for cat owners when the house cat cannot behave and live as usual. When stress, age-related pain or other problems get out of hand. This is where our natural CBD oil for cats can help. The positive properties it can develop in humans can also be transferred to cats. However, it must be said that there are currently no objective studies on the use of CBD oil for cats. That is why we rely on the numerous experiences of other users.

But experience is not everything, of course. Our CBD oil for cats is adapted to the needs and anatomical characteristics of our pets. The CBD oil only has a content of 3% to prevent overdosing and the associated discomfort. In addition, we pay attention to every active ingredient contained with the help of strict laboratory tests. This CBD oil for cats contains less than 0.01% THC and is completely terpene-free. The barely detectable THC content is important because THC is psychoactive and causes the intoxicating effect of hemp. This is completely undesirable in a CBD oil for cats. Terpenes as a component of essential oils develop remarkably positive qualities in humans, but they are highly toxic for cats! With our CBD oil for cats you can be sure to buy a high quality hemp oil that is optimally adapted to your pet. Our standards are very important to us and guarantee you a natural, unique product.


CBD oil for cats: Dosage is important

There is no uniform dosage recommendation for the use of CBD oil for cats. Occasionally, manufacturers recommend between 0.1 and 0.5 mg of CBD per kg of body weight per day. You should not overdose on CBD and start slowly. We recommend starting with a small dose. Simply add one to two drops to the food in the morning and/or evening. The effect is usually delayed. Sometimes it takes two weeks of using CBD oil for cats before you notice the first effects. However, if no change is noticeable by then, the dose can be increased slightly. However, it is important to remember that not all cats, like humans, tolerate CBD. So if your cat behaves strangely, has severe digestive problems or is otherwise conspicuous, contact your vet immediately. Although in most cases the symptoms will subside as soon as the CBD is broken down, a specialist will be able to assess the situation better.

And why should you never use your own CBD oil, but only CBD oil especially for animals? On the one hand, it was developed especially for them, not only in terms of composition, but also in terms of taste. Since it contains salmon oil, your pet will go crazy for it. The numerous omega-3 fatty acids also form a healthy supplement to the conventional food. This CBD oil for cats has a very special quality. More importantly, your own CBD oil contains terpenes and the THC content is higher. The content is regulated by law and is very low anyway. However, you should be extremely careful with THC in your pet. Too much THC can lead to lethargy, urinary incontinence, vomiting, movement disorders, hypersensitivity to pain and overexcitability. Therefore, only use a CBD oil for cats from a reputable supplier that advertises the content and quality of their product with transparency. You can always rely on the quality of Lucky Hemp®.