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Our flavour oils are completely THC-free and carry GMP-certified CBD isolate. A combination of edible flavours, MCT oil and the best CBD isolate from the USA. For those who are undecided, there are also tasting sets.
CBD aroma oil to buy at LuckyHemp

CBD aroma oil - perfect enjoyment according to your taste.

Fancy a little relaxation paired with delicious aromas? Then Lucky Hemp® is the right place for you. We offer you CBD aroma oil with the best of the hemp flower - naturally pure and tested for optimal enjoyment.

CBD has been a topic that is becoming more and more relevant. And there are good reasons for this: The substance cannabidiol can have many positive effects on your body and your psyche. We at Lucky Hemp® use only the finest flowers for our CBD oils. In combination with delicious flavours, this creates a very special blend that you can enjoy without risk. You can get the CBD aroma oils from us in different varieties - which one do you like best?

Whole flowers & whole pleasure - CBD flavour oil with purest CBD

More and more CBD products are entering the market. But what does CBD actually stand for? The term stands for cannabidiol. This in turn is a substance found in the hemp plant. When you hear hemp, you might first think of intoxication, dangerous components, addictive potential and the like. However, we can reassure you: Cannabidiol is extracted from the flowers of the female hemp plant and does not give you a high feeling. This is caused by THC.

You can therefore use our CBD aroma oils without hesitation - the active ingredients contained in the hemp oil do not cause a state of intoxication. Instead, the CBD aroma oil can have a positive effect on your general well-being. These effects have already been discovered in several clinical studies, but have not yet been fully researched.

We use the purest CBD for each of our CBD aroma oils. Thanks to our patented production process, we can guarantee that all the active ingredients from the plant are contained. We attach great importance to an optimal composition and pay attention to a unique quality from the choice of flowers to the aromas. This allows our CBD aroma oil to develop a holistic effect.

We have designed our production in an innovative way. For example, the oils do not have to be treated in any way and no terpenes have to be added. The products are free of harmful substances and laboratory-tested. With our CBD aroma oils, we provide you with pure nature - unique aroma and smell included.

Cannabinoids in CBD aroma oil - effect, application & co.

CBD is one of many cannabinoids. But it is not like the others - it stands out positively, because the ingredient is said to have many positive effects. Among other things, CBD is said to

  • antispasmodic,
  • relaxing,
  • anti-anxiety,
  • sleep-inducing and
  • anti-inflammatory

have an anti-inflammatory effect. Sounds good, doesn't it? Due to the many potential effects, there are more and more diseases and complaints for which CBD is used. We advise you to try it out for yourself. However, keep in mind that CBD does not work from one moment to the next. Ideally, you should use our CBD aroma oil regularly and over a longer period of time so that you can benefit from the ideal effects. Our CBD aroma oils are not intended for medicinal purposes, but can still be a support for you if used regularly. While some people use CBD for sleep problems, others find it helps with pain and migraines. Find your own way to use it properly and tell us about your results.

CBD aroma oil - effect without side effects?

Maybe you are wondering after all the positive aspects, what are the negative sides? We have good news for you: actually none. CBD is a natural product and is gently processed in our CBD aroma oils so that you can benefit from the full potential of the whole flower. As a rule, our CBD flavour oils are very well tolerated and show hardly any side effects - even the WHO considers CBD to be safe. You can read more about this in our blog.

In contrast to classic cannabis for smoking, our CBD aroma oil is completely legal in Germany. It is not intoxicating and therefore does not fall under the narcotics law. The THC content of our CBD flavour oils is below the prescribed maximum level of 0.2%. Accordingly, it does not affect you negatively in everyday life and you can enjoy the CBD aroma oils according to your needs and whenever you want.

CBD aroma oil to buy at LuckyHemp

Aroma oil with CBD - the perfect introduction for you

Haven't had much experience with CBD yet and want to see how the cannabinoid works for you? Then the CBD aroma oil by Lucky Hemp® is perfect for you. Because unlike our classic full-spectrum oils, the aroma oil with 10% CBD has a gentle taste. The pleasant hemp note becomes a real pleasure in combination with vanilla, almond or lemon. If you can't decide on a variety, simply order our tasting set. It contains each of our CBD aroma oils - each with 1000 mg CBD.

CBD aroma oil: dosage and intake

CBD aroma oils with great, gentle aromas are waiting for you in our shop. They harmonise perfectly with the hemp flavour. We recommend that you use the CBD aroma oil at regular intervals, similar to a medicine - and continuously. This is the only way to benefit from the holistic effect of the cannabinoids. As a "CBD newbie", start with a small dose at first. After a short time, you can increase the number of drops per day. Always pay attention to your well-being: How do you feel? What changes do you notice? The higher the dosage, the less often you should take the oil per day. Try out the right amount for you and feel your way to your ideal CBD aroma oil experience.

You can use CBD oil according to your preferences. One way to take CBD aroma oil is to drip it under your tongue. Thanks to the practical pipette integrated in the bottle cap, you can easily dose the CBD aroma oil and drip the desired amount under your tongue. The oil should remain there for at least 60 seconds. Afterwards, you can either spit it out or swallow it. Our CBD aroma oil with lemon, vanilla or almond aroma provides a special treat. The oils are ideal for daily use.

By the way: In addition to CBD aroma oil for humans, you can also get high-quality CBD aroma oils for your animals in our shop. The smell of bacon and salmon alone will make your four-legged friend's mouth water.

This is the best way for the body to absorb CBD

There are different ways to use CBD flavour oil. We know the best way to use the oil is to first leave it under the tongue. The body can absorb the active ingredients better through the mucous membranes. After only 15-20 minutes, it can release its effect at the various receptors and promote well-being. If the CBD aroma oil is swallowed immediately, it first enters the digestive tract and not directly into the bloodstream. If the oil is first left under the tongue and thus ensures a relatively high contact time with the mucous membranes, one can benefit even more intensively from the ingredients.

CBD aroma oil from Lucky Hemp®: luckiest quality, luckiest customers

We want to offer you a unique CBD experience with our products. Whether CBD flowers, CBD aroma oil or CBD preparations - you will always get tested quality in our shop. In addition to good ingredients, we not only pay attention to modern processing, but also to perfect packaging. Your CBD aroma oil comes in a bottle made of borosilicate glass. The lid is made of real bamboo and you can easily and quickly dose the CBD aroma oil with the integrated pipette.

CBD full spectrum oil - all ingredients of the plant in one bottle

Our aroma oils contain very high-quality CBD oil. If you like a stronger taste, you should definitely try our full-spectrum oils. In these oils you will find the full spectrum of the cannabis flower and also other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids besides CBD. Since these oils are produced without additional flavouring, they have a strong hemp smell - pure and without additives.

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