Almond CBD Oil 10% Oils Lucky Hemp
Almond CBD Oil 10% Oils Lucky Hemp

Almond CBD oil 10%

  • GMP certified
  • Purest CBD
  • Without THC
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Almond CBD oil 10% Lucky Hemp Terpene profile (notes)
A pleasant note of almonds

Our almond aroma oil combines a pleasant almond aroma with the beneficial effect of CBD. It is particularly important to us that all our aroma oils are produced according to the highest international standards. That is why we are pleased that the CBD contained in them has been awarded the globally recognised GMP certificate.

Terpene profile (notes)
Almond CBD oil 10% Lucky Hemp Ingredients
Our unique quality

The fact that our CBD Isolates have been awarded the "Good Manufacturing Practice" proves that they do not contain any harmful substances and that only the best techniques are used.

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GMP-certified CBD meets fine flavours.

Almond CBD oil 10% Lucky Hemp GMP-certified CBD meets fine flavours.
  • GMP certified CBD
  • Food flavourings from Switzerland
  • Residue-free
  • Original US CBD Isolate
  • Bamboo and borosilicate glass
  • CBD of unknown origin
  • Not approved flavours
  • Heavy metal residues
  • CBD Isolate from Asia
  • Plastic and amber glass

What makes our oils so special

Lucky Hemp EU Everything without additives
Everything without additives

Our production processes mean that our products do not need to be subsequently mixed. Everything is in the best organic quality. No addition of terpenes necessary. Just pure nature and an incomparable aroma.

Lucky Hemp EU Patented process
Patented process

Our processes are unique worldwide. Through smart technology, we can guarantee that our products really contain ALL the ingredients of the plant.

Lucky Hemp EU Laboratory-tested quality
Laboratory-tested quality

All our products are tested by independent laboratories before bottling. Free from any pollutants, rich in plant-derived ingredients and absolutely sustainable.

Frequently asked questions

Are the aroma oils different from the full spectrum oils?
As can be seen in the name of the full spectrum oils, they contain all the active ingredients of the blossoms. The entire spectrum of the flower is included in the oils. Our aroma oils are created with the help of a CBD isolate, so pure, natural CBD is used. The aroma oils therefore only contain CBD and no other active ingredients.
Why shouldn't I buy the full spectrum oil directly?
This is of course possible! For some, however, the flower aroma in our full-spectrum oils is too intense. That is why we have developed different aroma oils. There is something for every taste.
Is it a problem if I have used too much of the aroma oil?
No, don't worry. There is no possibility of overdosing CBD. So you can use as much of the oil as you want. However, we do not recommend using more than 2-3 drops per application. Our natural oils work differently for everyone, so we recommend starting with a smaller amount and working your way up to the right dose for your desired effect.
There are so many different oils. I can't make up my mind. What would you recommend?
We know this problem well! That's why we have developed our tasting sets. You can try out different oils and find your favourite. Just write us an email if you would like to have a different variety in your tasting set.
Is every oil from Lucky Hemp shipped in the bottles in the picture?
Of course. Everything just like you see in the pictures. Only even higher quality and more beautiful when you hold your Lucky Hemp® oil in your hand. Just try it :-)
Questions still open?

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