5% CBD Oil 500mg Full Spectrum Oils Lucky Hemp
5% CBD Oil 500mg Full Spectrum Oils Lucky Hemp
5% CBD Oil 500mg Full Spectrum Oils Lucky Hemp

5% CBD oil 500mg full spectrum

  • Unique procedure worldwide
  • Contain at least 500mg CBD
  • Full spectrum of plant substances
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5% CBD oil 500mg full spectrum Lucky Hemp Terpene profile (notes)
The only ones of their kind

As a carefully produced, pure natural product, our full-spectrum CBD oil is unique. Only with us you get these oils in exceptional quality. Our unique extraction process does not require the use of ethanol or CO2 as other manufacturers do. In our opinion, these solvents have no place in a natural product.

Terpene profile (notes)
5% CBD oil 500mg full spectrum Lucky Hemp Ingredients
Unique procedure worldwide

We bottle the full flavour of the flower. Only the blossoms are used and no leaves, stems, branches or other waste products as with other manufacturers, which ensures a unique aroma and effect of our oils. The scent of the blossoms is already diffused in the room when you open the bottle.

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Not just any CBD oil. The real full spectrum oil.

5% CBD oil 500mg full spectrum Lucky Hemp Not just any CBD oil. The real full spectrum oil.
  • Patented extraction, extra gentle
  • 100% of all active ingredients contained
  • Residue-free
  • All natural terpenes contain
  • Exclusively flowers used
  • Sustainable bamboo and borosilicate glass
  • Alcohol or CO2 extraction
  • Loss of active substances due to the above
  • Residues of e.g. ethanol
  • Bitter or without taste
  • Inferior plant parts
  • Plastic and amber glass

What makes our oils so special

Lucky Hemp EU Everything without additives
Everything without additives

Our production processes mean that our products do not need to be subsequently mixed. Everything is in the best organic quality. No addition of terpenes necessary. Just pure nature and an incomparable aroma.

Lucky Hemp EU Patented process
Patented process

Our processes are unique worldwide. Through smart technology, we can guarantee that our products really contain ALL the ingredients of the plant.

Lucky Hemp EU Laboratory-tested quality
Laboratory-tested quality

All our products are tested by independent laboratories before bottling. Free from any pollutants, rich in plant-derived ingredients and absolutely sustainable.

Frequently asked questions

Does the 5% CBD oil full spectrum suit me?
We recommend anyone who is new to CBD to start with the 5% CBD oil (500mg CBD) full spectrum. It's a great way to get started, as it only contains a small amount of CBD to get a feel for the effects.
How many times a day can you use CBD oil?
You can use our CBD oil as often as you like. Overdosing with CBD is not possible. So don't worry. Especially with the 5% oil, trial and error is the order of the day.
What makes Lucky Hemp® oils special?
We only use the purest CBD flowers for the production of our oils. No stalks, organic mass or anything else. In this way, all the beneficial active ingredients, as well as the entire natural spectrum of all cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, are actually stored in the oil. This means that our product meets even the highest demands.
What percentage of CBD oil should I buy?
If you are still unsure, you can simply get one of our trial sets and find out which one suits you best. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as our oils are natural products, you should simply test your dose yourself. Sometimes it takes a few days for it to get into your system. It is not a pharmaceutical product.
The bottles look so different from other manufacturers, why is that?
Sustainability is particularly important to us. That's why all our packaging is made from sustainable materials. For example, bamboo, which is the fastest growing raw material in the world. We also try to do without any labels or adhesives.
Questions still open?

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CBD oil 5% - The unique natural product in a handy bottle.

CBD products are currently on everyone's lips. This is due to the great benefits they have for us. We now offer a wide range of CBD products. One of our top products is the Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5%. It is rich in natural ingredients, tastes uniquely good and has many positive properties. This CBD oil 5% is produced by our patented process, which we developed especially for you. All important ingredients come directly from the flower into your handy oil bottle. Our claim guarantees you a premium product. Perfect for first time users. Welcome to the Lucky Hemp Family!

What is CBD oil 5% full spectrum and how does it work?

Our CBD oil 5% is a pure natural product. We use only the best of flower and leaf to give you a full spectrum CBD that you won't get anywhere else. Why do we call it full spectrum? Because our CBD oil 5% contains the entire plant spectrum of vitamins, minerals and other substances that are important for the body. Everything that the CBD drops contain comes 100% only from the cannabis plant. This means that the full power of the plant is used. But what is CBD or cannabidiol? It is a component of all hemp varieties and has an extraordinary effect on our body. The negative aspects, intoxication, psychoactive effect and dependence are completely absent. Instead, it has a calming, relaxing and possibly even pain-relieving effect. This is why CBD has become an important component of various therapies in Germany and other countries.

How does the beneficial effect of our CBD oil 5% come about? It unfolds its special effect via the endocannabinoid system. This system is very complex and fulfils two different functions in the human body: Firstly, it affects our well-being, pleasure and thus also our energy. Secondly, it influences our physical balance. This system interacts with other important systems, such as the endorphin system and the immune system. If this system is disturbed, it has a major impact on everyday life and living. Stress, malaise and insomnia are just a few effects that manifest physically. This is where the handy CBD oil 5 % can fully unfold its effect and significantly improve well-being and restore balance. The small bottle of "relaxation" that you can always take with you wherever you go.

Is CBD oil 5 % a hemp oil?

If you search the internet for a full-spectrum CBD oil, you sometimes find the term "hemp oil" for this CBD oil. However, this classification is not correct, a CBD oil is something completely different. Unfortunately, this confusion happens from time to time. This is due to the large number of different CBD products that have flooded the market in a short time. To counteract this confusion, people have started calling it hemp seed oil. This name already shows what the main difference is: The seeds of the hemp plant are used to produce this oil. The seeds contain many important minerals, but no CBD. So if you are looking for an oil containing CBD, hemp seed oil is not the right place to go. Hemp seed oil has other helpful effects and application possibilities.

For example, hemp seed oil contains lots of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, more than any other natural oil on the market. It is perfectly balanced with a ratio of 1:3. This makes hemp seed oil an important dietary supplement. But it is also used as a health food and in cosmetics and is an important supplement for vegans as an omega-3 source. What it can do has not been fully researched. However, many healthy properties are attributed to it thanks to the important fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. But even if there is no THC and CBD in hemp seed oil, the connection to hemp makes it an excellent carrier oil when taking CBD oil 5 percent. However, everyone has to find out the dosage for themselves, it cannot be determined across the board. However, it gives you more creative possibilities to use your full-spectrum 500 mg CBD oil 5 %.

What can CBD oil 5% be used for?

We have put together a unique product for you, but what do you need it for? CBD helps you improve the recovery time you so desperately need after a stressful day. Calm down, process the stress better. The list of diseases caused by stress shows how important this is. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, skin rashes, gastrointestinal disorders, to name a few. Of course, CBD doesn't completely solve this problem, but it does help you improve your rest and restore inner balance.

Hectic and pressure are omnipresent and have different side effects for each person. Especially sleep problems are a big issue. Our CBD oil 5% can help here and ensure a better, more restful night. Thanks to the practical vials, you can always have it with you and use it anywhere. Just a few drops are enough to notice an improvement when taken regularly. Athletes need to be focused and want to prevent tension and cramps. The muscle-relaxing effect of CBD oil helps many in preparation for competitions. But also pain patients, epileptics or other chronically ill people can definitely alleviate their symptoms with our CBD oil 5%. Just give it a try, but to be on the safe side, discuss the intake with your doctor. Our CBD oil 5% is not a medicine, but a premium product to give your body the energy it needs in everyday life.

What do you have to watch out for when taking CBD oil 5%?

But how many drops of CBD oil 5% do you need to take in order for the effect to unfold? This cannot be said in general. Everyone reacts differently to CBD. That's why you use a few CBD drops with 5 percent content at the beginning and observe how they have an effect. This way you will achieve noticeably more balance and equilibrium. It is important not to increase the dose immediately, as the effect may be delayed for some time. In addition, CBD drops can cause side effects. In very rare cases, these are due to interactions with other medications. Health conditions such as low blood pressure, liver problems or allergies can also cause these side effects. They usually go away when you reduce the dose or stop taking them altogether. If you notice side effects, talk to your doctor about taking it.

However, some people should generally avoid CBD oil 5%. These include people with liver dysfunction and low blood pressure. Pregnant women should also avoid CBD. So far there are no helpful studies on this, but since CBD has an effect on the brain, it can influence the development of an embryo. The same applies to breastfeeding mothers, as CBD is passed on through breast milk. Of course, breast milk contains cannabinoids by itself. But a nervous system that is still developing should not be unnecessarily influenced by the intake of CBD oil 5%.

However, you do not need to be unsettled by this information. It is important to us to inform you comprehensively before you decide on our natural CBD oil 5% full spectrum. We also offer you an absolute premium product. Our flowers are free of heavy metals and pesticides. Thanks to the most modern laboratory tests, we pay attention to the THC content of max. 0.2% and do not add any other ingredients in the production of our CBD oil 5%. You will receive 100% pure, TÜV-tested CBD oil in your bottle.

Buy CBD oil 5% - Lucky Hemp® offers you premium quality

If you are looking for a unique and safe CBD product, then you have come to the right place. We have developed a patented process for you in which we produce our CBD oil 5% gently and without the addition of alcohol, CO2 or other unnatural substances. From the flower we bring 100% of the active ingredients directly into your bottle. The best of the cannabis plant in drop form. The CBD oil 5% is filled into a borosilicate glass. An inert material used in research that prevents impurities. You won't find purer CBD drops. Enjoy the handy CBD Oil 5% vials now, delivered quickly by a neutral shipper and backed by a money-back guarantee and free returns. But you won't need that. This CBD oil 5% full spectrum and the clever packaging will inspire you.