20% CBD Oil Full Spectrum Oils Lucky Hemp
20% CBD Oil Full Spectrum Oils Lucky Hemp
20% CBD Oil Full Spectrum Oils Lucky Hemp

20% CBD oil full spectrum

  • Unique procedure worldwide
  • Contain at least 2000mg CBD
  • Full spectrum of plant substances
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20% CBD oil full spectrum Lucky Hemp Terpene profile (notes)
A unique combination of all active flower ingredients

There are not many CBD oils that can be called truly full-spectrum CBD oil. Through our unique manufacturing process, we have managed to produce a pure natural oil from the flowers, which reflects the full spectrum of the flowers in its composition. You can only find an oil like this with us!

Terpene profile (notes)
20% CBD oil full spectrum Lucky Hemp Ingredients
An oil that is unique in the world

For us, full spectrum means that really all the active ingredients of the flowers flow into our oil. Only the best Lucky Hemp flowers are used to produce our oils. All the natural active ingredients are then extracted in a gentle process and transformed into our special full-spectrum oil.

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Not just any CBD oil. The real full spectrum oil.

20% CBD oil full spectrum Lucky Hemp Not just any CBD oil. The real full spectrum oil.
  • Patented extraction, extra gentle
  • 100% of all active ingredients contained
  • Residue-free
  • All natural terpenes contain
  • Exclusively flowers used
  • Sustainable bamboo and borosilicate glass
  • Alcohol or CO2 extraction
  • Loss of active substances due to the above
  • Residues of e.g. ethanol
  • Bitter or without taste
  • Inferior plant parts
  • Plastic and amber glass

What makes our oils so special

Lucky Hemp EU Everything without additives
Everything without additives

Our production processes mean that our products do not need to be subsequently mixed. Everything is in the best organic quality. No addition of terpenes necessary. Just pure nature and an incomparable aroma.

Lucky Hemp EU Patented process
Patented process

Our processes are unique worldwide. Through smart technology, we can guarantee that our products really contain ALL the ingredients of the plant.

Lucky Hemp EU Laboratory-tested quality
Laboratory-tested quality

All our products are tested by independent laboratories before bottling. Free from any pollutants, rich in plant-derived ingredients and absolutely sustainable.

Frequently asked questions

Is the 20% CBD oil full spectrum right for me?
The 20% CBD Full Spectrum oil is one of our stronger ones. It's a good fit for people who are familiar with CBD and already have a good feel for how much CBD they need. If the 5-15% CBD oils weren't strong enough for you, then this is the one for you.
How often can I use CBD oil?
It is not possible to overdose CBD, so theoretically you can use the oil as often as you like. We recommend starting with a small dose and then increasing until you reach the desired effect. In some cases, it may take a few days for the oil to dock in the right places.
Why should you buy a Lucky Hemp® oil?
We have the real full spectrum oil. What does that mean? We use only blossoms for our oils, instead of organic bulk like other manufacturers. They are practically liquid blossoms in a bottle. So all the substances we want and need. Other manufacturers use cheap organic bulk or simply add CBD. Not with us. We only use the best ingredients that contain all the active ingredients.
Which oil should I buy? I am not sure which oil is right for me.
This is exactly why we have developed our trial sets. With these, you can simply get different oils for testing in one pack and try out which CBD oils suit you best. Since our oils are natural products, they work a little differently for each person. We therefore recommend that you take your time when using them and check when the desired effect occurs.
What is it about the design of your bottles?
For us at Lucky Hemp®, sustainability is an important issue. Not only do we try to put the best, natural quality into our oils, but we also try to make the packaging as sustainable as possible. Each of our bottles is made with a bamboo lid and borosilicate glass. We try to do as little harm to nature as possible while protecting the contents as best as possible.
Questions still open?

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CBD Oil 20% - Full Spectrum Oil from Lucky Hemp

We have created a CBD oil with 20% CBD for our customers, which really deserves the name full spectrum oil. The declaration "CBD oil 20" is extremely stretchable, because even if 2000mg of CBD is included, there can be variables.

Full spectrum means more than just CBD - it means using the full effects of the entire hemp flower to create a product with maximum effects. At Lucky Hemp, we've taken on this challenge so you can benefit.


CBD oil full spectrum 20% - unique manufacturing process at Lucky Hemp

Online, you can find CBD oil in every second shop. 20% is an additive that describes the intensity of the active ingredient. Not many CBD oils can really be called full spectrum oil, because they lack valuable ingredients. Our manufacturing process makes it possible that terpenes and flavonoids are not lost but are fully available. These include:

  • Limonene: It is the terpene which provides a special citrus aroma. It is produced in the trichome resin glands of the hemp plant. It is known from citrus fruits such as orange and lemon, here it sits in the peel. This terpene is said to have a mood-lifting, activating and stress-reducing effect.

  • Mycrene: This terpene is considered anti-inflammatory and is said to help against pain. It is one of the terpenes contained in our CBD oil 20 and is not lost thanks to the manufacturing process.

  • Linaloole: This terpene belongs to the fruity and at the same time rare components of the hemp plant. It is said to have a stress-reducing effect, at the same time it is often used for CBD cosmetics, as it is said to have antibacterial properties.

  • Caryophyllene: This terpene is found in hops and pepper and is responsible for the sneezing sensation when sniffing pepper. It is the only terpene with the special property of stimulating and activating the CB2 receptors in the brain. It is currently being researched in studies.


CBD oil 20 percent: Effect based on high-CBD effect

We at Lucky Hemp use our own flowers to produce our unique CBD oil 20, which is available in our shop.

One question that many customers always ask is whether they are allowed to buy CBD oil 20 percent. Is it a legal product?

Clear answer: Yes! The high proportion of CBD has nothing to do with the high-making active ingredient THC, which has been banned in most EU countries until now. Full spectrum means that our CBD oil 20 contains all the valuable components of the hemp plant, but the focus is on CBD, not THC. And that is what makes our CBD oil so unique:

  • THC content below 0.1% (permitted in the EU up to 0.2%).

The result is a pure CBD oil, which rightly bears the title full spectrum and can be purchased completely legally. The high CBD content is associated with maximised effects. For users who rely on the full power of nature, this variant of the oil is just right.

CBD oil 20 percent: Determine dosage individually.

Our FAQs already make it clear that overdosing with our CBD oil 20 is not possible. Nevertheless, a small hint regarding the dosage. For beginners, it is best to gradually find the dose you feel comfortable with. 20 percent is a high dosage, for absolute beginners there are products here at Lucky Hemp with a lower active ingredient content.

To avoid possible side effects when starting to take the product, it is advisable to use only 1 to 3 drops at first. The body gets used to it quickly. After a week, it is possible to add more drops. There are no individual guidelines, because the CBD effect is experienced differently by each user. As soon as you have found the dose you feel comfortable with, you can maintain it.

By the way: If you are not quite sure whether our CBD oil 20 is the right choice for you, you can also use our trial sets. Don't worry, they are all made according to the Lucky Hemp philosophy, but our oils are as individual as you are!


Buying CBD oil 20 - the right product for you?

What do you expect from a good CBD oil? Quality or a good price? You don't have to decide, because we have both. Our unbeatable Lucky Hemp quality is unique because our philosophy is built on it. The advantages of our full spectrum oil are manifold:

  • Organic quality without any disturbing additives, everything comes from nature.

  • Ourproductionprocessis patented and unique

  • All our products are laboratory-tested before being sent to you

  • We produce exclusively from flowers and without residues

  • The natural terpenes of the hemp plant are completely contained in our CBD oil 20.

You expect maximum quality from your CBD oil 20 and also want to do something for the environment? We fill the oils produced according to a patented manufacturing method in vials made of borosilicate glass and bamboo. Sustainable, good for your CBD and high quality.

You've already had experience with another CBD oil 20 and still shake at the thought of the taste? The unique full-spectrum oil from Lucky Hemp shows you that there is another way. Full ingredients, pleasant taste and guaranteed quality - we also deliver to your home.