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20% CBD Oil - Lucky PURE® Lucky Hemp Terpene profile (notes)
20% CBD oil - A balance of purity and aroma.

Our 20% CBD oil impresses with its incomparable clarity and subtle mild hemp aroma. From the first contact with the bottle, the flawless consistency of the oil becomes clear, enriched with essential cannabinoids. A moment on the tongue and the subtle hemp aroma unfolds, without the often acrid note of other products. It pampers the palate with a velvety, oily texture, rounded out by a subtle hemp flavor. Our aspiration was to develop a CBD oil for the discerning user. With this refined oil, we have undoubtedly achieved that. Discover its sophistication for yourself.

20% CBD Oil - Lucky PURE® Lucky Hemp Ingredients
Why is Lucky Hemp® CBD oil so special?

A significant characteristic of our CBD oil is the absolute absence of THC. This allows you to experience the relaxing properties of CBD without psychoactive effects. Thanks to alcohol extraction in our production, we maximize the bioavailability of CBD. This allows for more effective absorption and use by your body. Designed as a cosmetic, it is ideal for oral care and actively supports oral health. The added MCT oil not only optimizes absorption, but also provides additional health benefits. We make it a point to ensure that our CBD oil contains all essential cannabinoids and is free of potential impurities. This is how we ensure a product of the highest purity and quality.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Lucky Hemp® CBD oil on a daily basis?

Our CBD oil is designed for everyday use.

What are the benefits of MCT oil in your CBD product?

MCT oil can dissolve plant substances very well and is odorless as well as tasteless. In addition, the MCT oil improves the properties of CBD oil.

How is the aroma of your CBD oil different from other brands?

Both the extraction method and the ingredients are different from conventional oils. We extract with alcohol and our oil contains no THC with the same CBD concentration.

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