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10% CBD Oil - A Harmonious Interplay of Purity and Aroma

Our 10% CBD oil convinces with its unadulterated clarity and a restrained hemp aroma. Upon first contact with the bottle, one immediately notices the flawless nature of the oil, enriched with valuable cannabinoids. A brief moment in the mouth and the fine hemp aroma spreads, without the often unpleasant bitterness of other products. It caresses the senses with a soft, oily texture complemented by a hint of hemp. We strived to create a CBD oil for everyone. With this noble oil, we have undoubtedly succeeded. Experience its specialness for yourself.

10% CBD Oil - Lucky PURE® Lucky Hemp Ingredients
What makes Lucky Hemp® CBD oil so special?

A significant characteristic of our CBD oil is the absolute absence of THC. This allows you to experience the calming properties of CBD without psychoactive effects. Thanks to alcohol extraction in our production, we maximize the bioavailability of CBD. This allows for more effective absorption and use by your body. Designed as a cosmetic, it is ideal for oral care and actively supports oral health. The added MCT oil not only optimizes absorption, but also provides additional health benefits. We make it a point to ensure that our CBD oil contains all essential cannabinoids and is free of potential impurities. This is how we ensure a product of the highest purity and quality.

Frequently asked questions

Does Lucky Hemp® CBD oil really contain 0.0% THC?

Yes, due to the unique extraction method, our product does not contain THC.

What exactly is meant by "bioavailability" and why is it increased in your CBD oil?

Bioavailability describes to what extent and within what time a certain substance reaches the human body. Our CBD oil contains water-soluble cannabinoids that can be better absorbed by an aqueous medium.

How does alcohol extraction affect the quality and purity of CBD oil?

Alcohol dissolves significantly more plant compounds than conventional CBD oils, which are usually extracted with Co2.

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