Cali Set

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Cali Set Lucky Hemp Terpene profile (notes)
California at your home

All strains included in this pack have the typical California genetics as their origin. After years of optimisation, we have finally put together the Cali Pack for you. Each variety has its own advantages and it is an experience every time. This pack is the best of the best and leaves nothing to be desired. Quality comes first here.

Cali Set Lucky Hemp Ingredients
Why does such good grass come from California?

The reason why such high-quality cannabis comes from California is, on the one hand, the perfect growing conditions and, on the other hand, the hype associated with legalisation, which has opened the gates for all passionate growers. The aim of breeding has always been to increase the cannabinoid content. The strongest strains are always crossed with each other, resulting in increasingly potent genetics.

Package contents

What's in it?

California Haze flowers Lucky Hemp
California Haze
California Pineapple Express Flowers Lucky Hemp
California Pineapple Express
California Blueberry Flowers Lucky Hemp
California Blueberry
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Truly sustainable, plastic-free and beautiful

Cali Set Lucky Hemp Truly sustainable, plastic-free and beautiful
  • Patented extraction
  • 100% of all ingredients contained
  • Without artificial terpenes
  • Sustainable bamboo and borosilicate glass
  • Aggressive alcohol or CO2 extraction
  • Loss of ingredients due to treatment
  • Addition of artificial terpenes
  • Plastic or glass packaging

What makes our flowers so special

Lucky Hemp EU Unique procedure
Unique procedure

Our unique production processes mean that the flowers do not need to be treated as much. No extraction process with ethanol or CO2. No addition of artificial terpenes necessary. Just pure nature!

Lucky Hemp EU 100% untreated
100% untreated

We have managed to produce untreated flowers for you in the best quality. Special indoor processes allow us to keep all the ingredients in the flower to deliver the full experience. Only at Lucky Hemp.

Lucky Hemp EU Laboratory-tested quality
Laboratory-tested quality

All our flowers have been previously tested in independent laboratories. Free of any harmful substances and all values below 0.2%. Absolutely pure and safe.

Frequently asked questions

How do I store the flowers correctly?
Our flowers are supplied with a humidity pack. The flowers should always be stored in the jar with a humidity pack and not left standing around in the open. Preferably in a dark and cool place.
Why do the California genetics have such different colours?
Years of crossbreeding and optimisation of active substances have resulted in different genetics that stand out due to their colours.
Are the flowers natural?
Yes, both the CBD content and the smell are absolutely natural. The flowers have not been treated or terpenised afterwards.
Questions still open?

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