Alien OG Blossoms Lucky Hemp
Alien OG Blossoms Lucky Hemp

Alien OG

  • Top shelf trim
  • Pollen-bearing flower
  • Intense aroma
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Alien OG Lucky Hemp Terpene profile (notes)
The Alien OG from Lucky Hemp®

This top shelf variety impresses with its elegant trim and light purple colors. The aroma of citrus and earthy pine forest with a slightly spicy note makes the Alien OG a very special variety. The variety impresses with its high pollen content, which suggests a high trichome density. This shows her high quality and potent properties as a flower. The flower is just right for every cannabis lover, the aroma spreads distinctively throughout the room.

Alien OG Lucky Hemp Ingredients
Alien OG and its story

The Alien OG comes from a cross between two CBD strains to combine the unique combination of CBD content and aroma. The original genetics of Alien OG lie in Alien Kush and Tahoe OG Kush. The Alien Kush brings the earthy and pine-like aromas into play with slightly spicy components, while the Tahoe OG Kush brings more citrus-like aromas and therefore the more invigorating aromas into the mix. The combination of these two varieties makes Alien OG so unique, as two special aroma characteristics that are so rare come together.

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Our identifying features

Alien OG Lucky Hemp Our identifying features
  • Patented extraction
  • 100% of all ingredients included
  • Without artificial terpenes
  • Sustainable bamboo and borosilicate glass
  • Aggressive alcohol or CO2 extraction
  • Loss of ingredients through treatment
  • Addition of artificial terpenes
  • Plastic or glass packaging

What makes our flowers so special

Lucky Hemp EU Natural cultivation
Natural cultivation

At Lucky Hemp, we attach great importance to 100% organic and natural cultivation to ensure the purest and highest quality product.

Lucky Hemp EU Top customer satisfaction
Top customer satisfaction

As Lucky Hemp, we are number 1 on the market thanks to our high product quality, innovative varieties and consistent customer focus.

Lucky Hemp EU Laboratory tested quality
Laboratory tested quality

All of our flowers have been previously tested in independent laboratories. Free of any harmful substances and all values ​​below 0.2%. Absolutely pure and safe.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Lucky Hemp®s Alien OG so special?

Lucky Hemp's Alien OG stands out due to its high pollen content and its intense, multi-layered aroma. The 'Top Shelf' quality and the light purple coloring further underline its exclusivity.

How is the Alien OG grown?

The Alien OG is grown in Switzerland in controlled indoor spaces in order to be able to precisely control optimal growth conditions such as air supply, temperature, humidity and lighting. This makes it possible to optimize the quality, purity and growth conditions of the plants.

What are trichomes?

Trichomes are microscopic glands on cannabis flowers that produce cannabinoids, terpenes and other active compounds. This causes Alien OG to be extremely pollen-rich.

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