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Moonrocks - a mixture of CBD flowers and pollen

Published: 18.04.2023 (Updated: 21.07.2023)
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Dr. Harald Stephan
Dr. rer. medic. Harald Stephan
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What are moonrocks?

Hemp flowers (weed, grass, marijuana, ganja), hash (shit, hash, pollen, cannabis resin) and oil are fairly common terms that distinguish forms of cannabis use. But in recent years, a new product has emerged on the CBD market: Moon Rocks. Moon Rocks are basically marijuana flowers of the highest quality (any variety will do) that are dipped or sprayed in hash oil and then rolled in kief or dry hash and wrapped as if in breadcrumbs.

Since moonrocks are made from different cannabis varieties (e.g. Hindu Kush or Skunk), their aromas and flavours are very broad, but also very distinctive. The three layered forms of CBD give Moonrock unique organoleptic properties that are particularly long-lasting.

This form of marijuana, popular in hip-hop circles, became popular in 2015 when American rapper Kurupt released his own version: Kurupt's Moonrock, made from a variety of Girl Scout Cookies, dipped in cannabis oil and sprinkled with Sicdust. The Moonrock takes its name from its moonstone-like appearance.

After selecting the cannabis strain from which the Moon Rock is to be made, the production takes place in three steps:

  • Careful manicuring of the buds
  • A bath in cannabis oil (preferably organic full spectrum oil)
  • A pinch of kief or dry hash

The size and density of the buds are important to create a beautiful Moon Rock. The bigger and more compact they are, the better the Moon Rock will be! For this reason, CBD Moon Rocks are usually made mostly from Indica hybrids. However, it is also possible to find Moon Rocks made from Sativa varieties.

The varieties used for production are usually grown industrially. This method allows perfect control of all parameters (humidity, temperature, lighting) and thus guarantees the perfection of the buds.

Can Moonrocks be smoked?

Moon Rocks are quite strong and intended for all consumers who like to experiment or who are bored of using cannabis in the usual way. It is not for people who want to stay active during the day, but rather for those who want to relax. If source materials of good quality have been used, Moon Rock will also have a high potency. Many smokers who have been smoking marijuana for years are surprised by the strong effect of Moon Rocks. If you do not have much experience smoking marijuana, it is better to wait or smoke in the presence of someone to watch over you.

Moon Rocks are recommended for advanced cannabis users because of their strong effects. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your experience with Moon Rocks:

Use materials made of glass

Whether it's a bong or a pipe, use materials made of glass for Moon Rocks because they are not typical CBD flowers. Moon Rocks are thick and oily, and you need to take them apart piece by piece.

Do all your daily chores before using.

We all like to smoke and do things, but Moon Rocks can surprise even the most experienced smokers. If you have a workout or some chores to do during the day, do them before smoking or you may not get it done. Many users underestimate the effect of Moon Rocks and are surprised afterwards. From the first use, the strong effect rises and then slowly spreads throughout the body. This is where the word "stoned" comes in! Don't take anything for a few hours after consumption. Apart from relaxation.

Laptoptastatur und Post-It Blätter; Vor dem Gebrauch von CBD alle täglichen "To Do's" erledigen

Eat before you smoke

The key word is "before". If the Moon Rocks are too strong, it helps to have something in your stomach to avoid nausea.

Don't forget to drink and what to eat

You will probably be quite dehydrated. Always take a bottle of water with you: Drink, drink, drink! The feeling of thirst will set in quickly. Oral dehydration peaks quickly! Also eat a snack just before consumption: at best to avoid hunger, at worst to avoid nausea. These effects occur when high doses of cannabinoids are taken on an empty stomach.

Choose the right environment

When you smoke Moon Rocks, you are in a kind of "block mode" afterwards and just want to sit back and relax, so it's good if everything around you is positive.

Start low, go slow

As with other concentrates, you should start with a small amount and then gradually increase. Take a small puff first and then wait for the effect. It can go fast before the first use. A little advice: Sit back and let the magic happen!

Due to their compact structure, CBD Moon Rocks are very difficult to grind in a conventional mill. You have to grind small pieces by hand. When eaten, they will inevitably end up in your stomach. However, if you want to eat it this way, be patient and chop or process it as finely as possible. Place it on a piece of herb before rolling it out, as it is too sticky to lay on pap.

CBD Moonrocks can also be prepared, for example, as so-called "space cookies". Through digestion, the effects of Moon Rocks will be delayed. Considering the price per gram of this product, this would be quite a waste.

Many probably have the best experience by enjoying Moon Rocks with a vaporiser. Simply place small pieces, of this very special form of CBD flower, into the chamber of your device and you're done! This technique is not based on burning, but on vaporisation. This allows you to enjoy the powerful effects of Moon Rocks in a dense cloud of vapour!

Moon Rocks von Lucky Hemp; CBD-Pollen

Advantages and disadvantages of smoking Moon Rocks


  • Very high potency
  • Cost-benefit ratio of smoking
  • Ideal for acute applications


  • Leads to you being on a strong high (which is not always good for everyone).
  • Needs to be stored in a cool, dry place so it doesn't melt.

What to look for when buying Moon Rocks?

But where can you find Moon Rocks and at what price?

Despite the relatively high price per gram compared to buying CBD flowers, Moon Rocks have quickly become a star product!

As with any product, the quality of Moon Rocks available on the market depends on the quality of the raw materials. The cost of the raw material will inevitably affect the price of the final product, but its organoleptic properties and relative potency will be all the better for it precisely because of this!

Moon Rocks CBD (THC content < 0.2%) are easy to find. We at Lucky Hemp, always offer you the best Moon Rocks, at the best prices! Feel free to browse our large assortment at and see for yourself.

Moon Rock products are sold in hermetically sealed packaging, so you can be sure that they are original and intact when you buy them. These products are also free of intoxicating substances. They contain only natural ingredients and have no mind-altering effects. It's also worth noting that the CBD content in these products can vary depending on the specific batch.


Moon Rocks, as the English name suggests, have the appearance of moonstones. Its reputation makes it the strongest cannabis product in the world. Once you know how it is made, it is easy to understand why! The three raw materials (first quality CBD flowers, concentrated oil and kief or hashish) used to make this product are naturally highly concentrated in cannabinoids. All these amounts combined can result in staggering amounts of cannabinoids in the final product. This type of product is not suitable for cannabis novices. No CBD flower or CBD oil can naturally achieve such a high cannabinoid content. Consumer reviews often compare Moonrocks to vintage wines or caviar. Moon Rock is one of the strongest cannabis products known today.

Dr. Harald Stephan
Dr. rer. medic. Harald Stephan
Graduate Biologist, Medical Information Processing Officer and Doctor of Health Sciences
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