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Buy CBG flowers - benefits and application

Published: 18.04.2023 (Updated: 21.07.2023)
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Dr. Harald Stephan
Dr. rer. medic. Harald Stephan
Health expert

The positive influence on mood and inner balance make CBG a popular cannabinoid. Besides the now well-known CBD, more and more people therefore want to buy CBG flowers. These can be used in very different forms. In this article, we will take a look at what to look for when buying CBG flowers and what advantages the product brings with it.

What are CBG flowers?

If you want to buy CBG flowers, you are following in the footsteps of probably the oldest cannabinoid, whose popularity, however, is unbroken. If you want to understand what makes CBG products special, you can think of the cannabinoid as a kind of stem cell. From it, other cannabinoids later emerge, such as CBD or THC. This happens when the cannabis plant gets more time to mature. So if you want to buy CBG flowers, you get a cannabinoid in a very young stage. The buds have a particularly high concentration of CBG. This is another reason why buying CBG flowers is considered very effective.

Those who want to buy CBG flowers do not have to worry about a possible psychoactive effect. This has to do with the fact that the proportion of THC is in a vanishingly small range. Those who want to order CBG therefore benefit from the concessions of the legislator. With a THC content of 0.1 percent or less, buying CBG flowers is no problem. As with all products of this kind, a critical look at the quality is particularly important. In the online shop Lucky Hemp, we offer premium flowers in particularly high quality. If you want to buy CBG flowers, you will find numerous high-quality offers with indoor quality. The premium flowers remain completely untreated and the content is always laboratory-tested.

The difference between CBG and CBD

If you want to buy CBG flowers, you might wonder what the difference is between CBG and the much better-known CBD. In fact, CBG is in a way the initial form that could be synthesised into CBD without the interruption in the maturation process. This also explains the many similarities that CBG and CBD have in common. At the same time, it must be emphasised that research on CBG grass has not progressed very far so far. However, due to the growing interest, further studies are expected in the future.

According to current findings, CBG has an almost identical mode of action. CBG flowers also seem to be able to influence the CB1 receptor of the immune system. This receptor is found on many cells of the central nervous system. Many people expect a relaxing effect from buying CBG flowers, which could be explained by this very fact.

die Unterschiede von CBD und CBG grafisch dargestellt

The benefits of CBG flowers

The findings on the benefits of CBG flowers are currently based on experience reports and individual scientific papers in this field. According to this, the hemp flowers could contribute to the reduction of inflammation in the body. Likewise, many users expect it to alleviate oxidative stress. The hemp flowers without intoxicating effect are perceived as a balance in the otherwise stressful everyday life. Furthermore, you can buy CBG flowers to counteract a loss of appetite. Many empirical values suggest that hemp flowers are capable of reawakening a natural feeling of hunger.

Like other cannabinoids, CBG might also contribute to the reduction of the sensation of pain. This makes it an interesting supplement primarily for chronic pain patients. However, these and all other health benefits require further investigation by science. This is also the reason why buying CBG flowers is not paid for by health insurance, even for such health-oriented use. So far, anyone who wants to buy CBG flowers has to pay for them out of their own pocket.

The use of CBG flowers

If you want to buy CBG, you should think about the right way to use the product. The options available can be found on the packaging. Depending on the type of application, the intensity of the effect may well differ. This applies on the one hand to buy CBG flowers, but also to the oil extracted from it, which is sometimes available. If you do not want to buy CBG flowers, but would like to take the active ingredient in drop form, this is a suitable alternative.

As with all products, there is the question of the appropriate dosage. If you want to buy CBG flowers from Lucky Hemp, you will find different varieties. Beginners who order CBG flowers should first approach the products slowly. For this purpose, the shop offers suitable products in the single-digit percentage range. If this CBG content does not yet have the desired effect, there are other options when buying CBG flowers. A CBG content in the double-digit range can ensure that the positive effects of the hemp flower can be perceived even more intensively. In order to be able to guarantee the necessary safety when buying CBG flowers and during the subsequent use, it can be useful to consult a doctor.

Amnesia Haze CBG Blüte von Lucky Hemp; saftig grün

Buy CBG flowers at Lucky Hemp

In the CBG Shop at Lucky Hemp we offer a wide range of different premium flowers. Those who want to buy CBG flowers can explore different varieties like Amnesia Haze CB G or Mango CB G. Those who don't want to choose between the different options can also buy CBG flowers in sets. This results in an interesting variety of different products, in which the personal favourite can be found quickly. If you go searching when buying CBG online, you will find a wide selection from fresh-fruity flavours to classically held products.

For the greatest convenience of our customers, we at Lucky Hemp rely on neutral packaging for all our products. Thanks to the neutral sender, no conclusions can be drawn about the contents. In addition, we are happy to offer free shipping on all our products from an order value of 69 euros. Anyone who wants to buy CBG flowers and is subsequently not satisfied with their shipment for any reason has the advantage of a money-back guarantee on their side.

Dr. Harald Stephan
Dr. rer. medic. Harald Stephan
Graduate Biologist, Medical Information Processing Officer and Doctor of Health Sciences
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