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  • Strongly pollen-laden
  • Sweet-fruity aroma
  • Beautiful flowers
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Fruit Punch eco pack Lucky Hemp Terpene profile (notes)
Fruit Punch - An aromatic highlight

The Fruit Punch from Lucky Hemp® impresses with vibrant green tones and is covered in orange hairs and glittering trichomes. When you open the pack, a sweet, fruity scent escapes, a composition of citrus fruits, berries and a hint of mango that leaves you wanting more. The buds are compact and their structure and intense aroma show the care that goes into their cultivation and harvesting. We at Lucky Hemp® are proud of this strain and are excited to share it with you.

Fruit Punch eco pack Lucky Hemp Ingredients
The origin of Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch is the result of meticulous breeding that combines the robust genes of selected sativa and indica strains. This carefully cultivated CBD flower is characterized by its aromatic diversity and attractive appearance. Grown in ideal climatic conditions, Fruit Punch impresses with its incomparably rich terpene profile and an impressive appearance. It owes its popularity not only to its exquisite taste and scent, but also to its consistency in quality and experience.

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Truly sustainable, plastic-free and beautiful

Fruit Punch eco pack Lucky Hemp Truly sustainable, plastic-free and beautiful
  • Unique extraction
  • 100% of all ingredients included
  • Without artificial terpenes
  • Sustainable bamboo and borosilicate glass
  • Aggressive alcohol or CO2 extraction
  • Loss of ingredients through treatment
  • Addition of artificial terpenes
  • Plastic or glass packaging

What makes our flowers so special

Lucky Hemp EU Premium flowers
Premium flowers

At Lucky Hemp, we attach great importance to 100% organic and natural cultivation to ensure the purest and highest quality product!

Lucky Hemp EU Top customer satisfaction
Top customer satisfaction

As Lucky Hemp, we are number 1 on the market thanks to our high product quality, innovative varieties and consistent customer focus.

Lucky Hemp EU Laboratory tested quality
Laboratory tested quality

All of our flowers have been previously tested in independent laboratories. Free of any harmful substances and all values ​​below 0.2%. Absolutely pure and safe.

Frequently asked questions

What flavors can I expect from Fruit Punch CBD flowers?

Fruit Punch CBD flowers offer a unique sweet-fruity aroma that ranges from citrus to berries to exotic mango. This variety is known for its intense and inviting bouquet, which is a true feast for the senses.

How is my Fruit Punch CBD flower order shipped?

All orders in our online shop are packaged discreetly and securely to preserve the freshness and quality of your Fruit Punch CBD flowers. The goods usually arrive at your home within 1-3 working days after receipt of payment.

What is the best way to store my Fruit Punch CBD flowers to preserve the flavors and freshness?

To preserve the optimal freshness and full flavor of your Fruit Punch CBD flowers, we recommend storing them in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures as these can affect the quality of the flowers. This means that Fruit Punch's characteristic sweet-fruity profile is retained over a longer period of time.

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